SmartSchool Design

The only platform that engages students, faculty and alumni FLAWLESSLY, giving you real-time engagement, e-commerce profits, and alumni donations on auto-pilot.

We’re committed to bringing universities and alumni members the information they need, to stay connected, inspired, & empowered.
With the smart school platform you can send push notifications about university events, alumni spotlight, safety information, and more!  We’ve assembled some of the most popular techniques to involve, motivate, and inspire students and alumni to stay immersed in school eco-system. 

How Does It Work?

You give the app that’s already preloaded with your information to your friends and previous clients. Then, whenever tragedy strikes, they’ll know to push a button; it’s like an alarm clock that informs you of a lead for legal representation. This is the only way to virally grow and expand your reach on 100% pure autopilot.

Protect Your Clients

Gift this app to your previous clients to protect them from unforeseen events.

Tow Truck Assistance

Users who already have roadside assistance can load up their providers information....

Accurate GPS Location

You’ll get the EXACT coordinates of the event which further facilitates your ability ....


Statistics show that accuracy and honesty are the highest on the scene; ....


Real-time video footage of impact, damages, or the state of drivers will also give you....


Your clients can automatically program whom they’d like to notify of any incidents.....


You’ll save time by having all the pertinent information transmitted to.....

MCM Technologies

Dedicated to protecting your clients and your business.

Leveraging technology to facilitate lead gen and client acquisition for attorneys

The only app that secures leads and referrals FLAWLESSLY, giving you real-time accidents and/or DUI information making you the FIRST— and only attorney worth hiring. Our cutting edge technology gives you a permanent spot on users’ mobile phones. With the touch of a button, users notify you of accidents or DUIs while automatically transmitting you accurate and timely information.



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